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At the 2015 World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta, GA we launched a BRAND NEW leave in cream - our Argan Oil and Honey Leave-in Cream. This hair cream leaves your hair shiny, soft and well moisturized but is medium in weight for those who like only some "hang" in their curls. It contains extracts of comfrey, burdock root and aloe vera.

Amla Lavender Chamomile Leave-in Hair Cream is a butter rich ayurvedic hair cream, ideal for coarse or dry hair. Infused with extracts of Amla, Shikakai, Neem, Brahmi and Chamomile, Amla Lavender Chamomile Leave-in Hair Cream works as a deep conditioner or as a leave-in conditioner. Leaves hair soft, shiny and well moisturized.

Customer Reviews
Thank you for such a great product. I 've tried this natural hair cream for the first time and the results are fantastic. My curl definition has been found!! I also love the fact that it's all natural. I'm a henna head and proud of it. I'm now even more proud to say I've found my leave in hair cream. Thank you so much and MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AND KEEP YOU.
- Janet H.

Argan Oil and Honey Leave-in Hair Cream Review


I learned about Lakshmi's Cupboard at the World Natural Hair Show. I am glad I did, and I purchased the Conditioning Shampoo bar and the Bhaasvataa Oil. After getting home and learning that most of the ingredients in the products are Ayurvedic, have honey, and great oils, I decided to purchase this leave in and the Masque. 

On wash day I used the entire line. The shampoo bar is sooooooo good. My hair was soft. Everything was great. This leave-in is the grand finale. It gives shine and my curly fro is soft. It smells naturally sweet. It may be the honey. Overall, using the entire line of products has my hair soft, strengthened, and shiny. One note, after using all the products together the palm of hands remained soft after washing them. Something to think about. :) :) - Netta

Amla and Honey Detangling Conditioner 16 oz

Amla Lavender Chamomile Leave-In Hair Cream 

8 oz 

Amla Silk Deep Therapy Restorative Masque 8 oz

Amla Silk Deep Therapy Restorative Masque is a creamy, rich deep hair conditioner. Formulated with an ayurvedic herbal blend of amla, bhringraj, shikakai, neem and brahmi; fortified with silk amino acids, infused with the moisture of honey and castor oil - Amla Silk Deep Therapy Restorative Masque will leave your hair, soft, sleek and manageable.

Customer Reviews

 "I LOVE this masque! I just can't say enough for what it does for my hair. I am bi-racial and have very dry, frizzy-prone hair. Since I am also approaching 40, the texture of my hair is changing as well and becoming a lot more coarse and more dull-looking. This masque has brought it back to life! I usually wash my hair, then apply the masque and let it sit for 10-15 min and rinse(when I'm done doing that, I use the Bhaasvataa Oil which I also recommend from this shop. It adds moisture AND shine to the hair. No, I am not kidding!) . It softens my hair and feels smooth to the touch after using it(and this masque smells really good too!), I just love the way it feels(and honestly, I haven't been able to say that in YEARS!). And the best part about it all? It's natural and contains no yucky stuff such as silicones or parabens. I can't say enough good things about this product and I highly recommend it especially, if you have medium to coarser textured hair(we definitely need products that give our hair extra moisture.)that is prone to dryness. Thank You(and so does my hair)for providing such a wonderful product! Don't stop making it, I know I will keep buying it as long as it's around. ~Alanna H."

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